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Below are some common areas we get asked about by RML subscription members.

Criminal & Trading Standards

  • Correct Use of Trade Plates

  • False or Misleading Invoices

  • Un-roadworthy Vehicles

  • Statutory Defences

  • Environmental Issues

Consumer Problems

  • Supply of Goods & Services

    • Satisfactory Quality

    • Fit for Purpose

    • Title

    • Reasonable Service

  • Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts

  • Breach of Contract

    • Retention of Title Clauses

    • Disposal of Uncollected Vehicle

  • Repairers Lien

  • Subcontracting

  • Standard Terms of Business

  • Legal Significance of Estimates and Quotations


  • Duty owed to Consumer

  • Negligence

  • Damages

  • Creation of Standard Procedures to minimise risk of negligence

  • Negotiation with Consumer

Business to Business

  • Repair Agreements

  • Courtesy Car Agreements

  • General Supplier Agreements